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Orient Ultron Series Glass Door Inverter Refrigerators can light up any kitchen with their exquisite designs and eye catching color schemes. Top performance and aesthetic value make them the most desired refrigerators in the market.

Cutting edge features like Built-in Humidity Controller, Direct Cool Technology and Powerful Roll Bond Evaporator keep food super fresh for longer hours and ensure 40% fastest cooling as well as making ice in just 18 minutes.

Its smart interior like Long LED light & Crystal door pockets make it more beautiful. Tougher Shelves with a load bearing capacity of up to 101kg give flexibility to store more in terms of volume and weight.

Energy Efficient Orient Refrigerators are the perfect choice for a lifetime of cooling,


  1. 18 Min Instant Freeze
  2. ECM technology
  3. Deodorizer
  4. Crystal Door Pockets
  5. Long LED Light
  6. Roll Bond Evaporator
  7. Thickset Insulation
  8. Electricity consumption less than 1 unit a day
  9. 90 V Low voltage startup
  10. Tougher Shelves
  11. Food Grade ABS
  12. Humidity Control
  13. Anti-fungal detachable gasket
  14. Solid Freeze
  15. Japanese technology compressor


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