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1 Ton ORBIT DC Inverter


1.5 Ton Ultron LUNAR eComfort Grace Black DC Inverter

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Orient T3 IoT DC Inverter Lunar Series Air-conditioners are equipped with T3 Tropicalized Inverter technology to ensure best cooling performance even at an ambient temperature of 60 degree celsius. Its Biggest Indoor unit ensures fastest cooling and 30 Feet long 4D air throw reaches to every corner of the room. Its revolutionary Optimized Compressor Drive Technology gives fastest cooling in just 30 seconds. Low Voltage operation ensures non-stop cooling at all places. Auto Clean Sterilization System and Auto Pilot Feature saves electricity cost up to 80%. Company installed Wi-Fi Kit,100% Pure Copper, Japanese PCB Module, Gold Fin – Anti Rust Coating, Low Noise Operations and R410 makes it the best choice in the market.


  1. T3 tropicalized inverter
  2. Japanese PCB Kit
  3. Auto Pilot
  4. Low voltage operation
  5. 30 feet long 4D air throw
  6. Auto Clean Sterilization System
  7. For All Weathers Heat & Cool
  8. 100 % Pure copper
  9. Turbo mode
  10. Low Noise Operations
  11. Gold Fin – Anti Rust Coating
  12. Catechin filters


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